Mädchenchor Hannover Foundation

On September 25, 2000, the MÄDCHENCHOR HANNOVER FOUNDATION was formed under the patronage of Helen and Klaus Donath. The project aims to ensure a long-term financial base for this top class choir.

The Mädchenchor Hannover, whose artistic reputation already stretches beyond the city limits of Hanover, wants to further strengthen its cultural and socio-political role within music education youth work, integrating its masterly quality into the musical culture of Lower Saxony and its capital Hanover.

With such objectives, the Choir has attracted patronage from an artistic duo known around the world for their opera singing, Helen and Klaus Donath. The couple have always retained close contact with the Mädchenchor, ever since their international career began in Hanover.

For almost half a century, Ludwig Rutt, and his successor Gudrun Schröfel, have established and developed the Mädchenchor, leading it to its current maturity and reputation. Around the Concert Choir, qualified and experienced music teachers and vocal pedagogues ensure a steady developing of general musical and choral – as well as soloist – education at the Basic and Junior Level and in the Youth Choir.

The Choir and Singing School's concept of artistic and musical education is so valuable that it needs safeguarding for its future: the MÄDCHENCHOR HANNOVER FOUNDATION is designed to ensure the Choir's continuing survival with a solid financial base, and to protect its long-term independence. Its aim is to provide the Choir with a source of continuous income from the Foundation's invested capital.

The Foundation's charter guarantees immediate and exclusive charitable status and defines its purpose as supporting youth education in choral music. The Advisory Committee organises the foundation money, acting as both a supervisory and steering committee, to ensure that funds are used only to benefit the Mädchenchor.


Foundation account

Account number (IBAN) DE33 2505 0180 0000 0547 00                                   
Bank number (BIC) SPKHDE2HXXX                                 
Sparkasse Hannover                                       

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